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3 former big leaguers to join Baseball Hall of Fame

Adrian Beltre, Todd Helton and Joe Mauer will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame July 21 in Cooperstown, New York.
3 former big leaguers to join Baseball Hall of Fame
Posted at 5:09 PM, Jan 23, 2024

Adrian Beltre, Todd Helton and Joe Mauer were voted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame on Tuesday, as the trio appeared on at least 75% of ballots as chosen by members of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America. Beltre's selection came as no surprise. This was the first time the former Dodgers, Mariners, Red Sox and Rangers star was eligible for selection, and Beltre got 95.1% of the vote. 

It was Helton's sixth time up for Hall of Fame consideration. After coming just shy of the 75% threshold last year, he earned 79.7% of the vote this year. 

It was also Mauer's first time eligible for the Hall of Fame. He earned entry with 76.1% of voters choosing him for the Hall. 

Former players can appear on the ballot for up to 10 consecutive years, as long as they get at least 5% of the vote the prior year. For former Dodgers star Gary Sheffield, he ended up with 63.9% of the vote on his 10th try. He will now be considered by the BBWAA’s Historical Overview Committee in 2025.

Relief pitcher Billy Wagner nearly joined the three-person Hall of Fame class this year, garnering 73.8% of the vote. It was Wagner's ninth time on the ballot, meaning he will only appear on the ballot for one more year.

There were 385 ballots submitted by members of the BBWAA. Members could choose up to 10 players, with 24.4% of voters utilizing all 10 of their selections. 

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