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Adobe reimagines fashion with a digital dress

​The company revealed Project Primrose during its annual Adobe Max conference in Los Angeles last week.
Adobe reimagines fashion with a digital dress
Posted at 2:37 PM, Oct 16, 2023

Adobe technology has long been used in the world of fashion, but now it’s changing the future of it. 

Project Primrose is a new technology that uses flexible, non-emissive textiles to create static or dynamic patterns on any application. It allows designs on clothing, furniture and more to change with the click of a button, creating infinite style possibilities.  

The company revealed the concept during its annual Adobe Max conference in Los Angeles last week, where engineers, developers and creative professionals showcase the latest from Adobe’s suite of applications. 

“Unlike traditional clothing, which is static, Primrose allows me to refresh my look in a moment,” said Christine Dierk, the research scientist behind Primrose. 

Dierk stunned the crowd wearing an interactive garment she created covered in scale-like screens, showcasing how Primrose designs can be static or animated. 

Within an instant, Dierk changed the dress from a solid silver to a solid cream color to a series of active patterns. She said there are also sensors within the material that allows it to change without having to be prompted. 

The concept could change the game of creativity for designers, but it could also change how consumers interact with fashion, Adobe said. Rather than having to go out and buy another clothing item, individuals could potentially download and wear patterns from their favorite designers. 

“Project Primrose is a canvas for creativity and the possibilities are endless,” Dierk added. “We’re excited for a future where there’s more ways to express yourself.” 

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