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Company developing $11,000 micro electric vehicle

The company says the car is easy to build. "Virtually, you just click the parts on."
Company developing $11,000 micro electric vehicle
Posted at 2:11 PM, May 02, 2023

A company in Sweden has developed an $11,000 micro electric vehicle.

"Cars today are capable of things that are super unnecessary and a total waste," said Håkan Lutz, the CEO and founder of Luvly.

The company's debut light urban vehicle is called the Luvly O. However, the company is also focused on their patented, licensable technology development kit that will allow third-party production of other light urban vehicles.

The idea is that this car is light and efficient, but also easier for factories to produce. It's been compared to an Ikea-type car.

"We've developed technology that allows us to ship parts to a factory, I mean really to lots of factories, to lots of micro-factories close to the customer," he said. "Virtually, you just click the parts on."

Lutz said the concept will reduce the waste of energy and other resources. The car is cost-effective and fast to build. It's made for everyday commuting in urban areas, with a top speed of about 55 miles per hour.

The battery can charge in about an hour and has a range of about 62 miles.

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And yes, the company said the car is safe, with similar safety measures to a formula racing car.

"For its weight, it's super safe with the safety cell and the energy absorption zones," Lutz said.

The International Energy Agency said electric car sales reached a record high in 2021. They expect the development of a wider range of models and more competitive pricing in the coming years. Consumers across the globe spent around $250 billion on EV purchases, according to the IEA.

"If we can contribute by providing something that actually is a really good alternative to a car, our vehicles will deliver exactly the same service as a car for most car users, then it seems like an obvious thing to do," Lutz said.

Luvly hasn't started shipping cars yet, but they plan to open more offices close to production centers in 2023. The Stockholm-headquartered company started in 2015.

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