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FDA expands fruit pouch recall after more cases of lead illnesses

A previous recall of fruit pouches now includes three brands after seven reports of acute lead toxicity illnesses.
FDA expands fruit pouch recall after more cases of lead illnesses
Posted at 5:45 AM, Nov 06, 2023

The Food and Drug Administration said it has expanded its alert of contaminated fruit pouches after receiving reports of lead toxicity illnesses. 

The recall, which previously included packages of WanaBana apple cinnamon fruit puree pouches, now includes Schnucks brand cinnamon-flavored applesauce pouches and Weis brand cinnamon applesauce pouches. Schnucks and Weis are store brands, while WanaBana is sold at Sam’s Club, Amazon and Dollar Tree, among other grocers.

The FDA says the recalled apple cinnamon pouches should be immediately discarded. 

The FDA's original alert came after a State of North Carolina investigation prompted by four children exhibiting elevated blood lead levels indicated potential acute lead toxicity. The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services identified the WanaBana fruit puree pouches as a possible cause. 

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After testing the pouches, officials detected extremely high concentrations of lead, enough to cause acute lead toxicity in children.

The FDA said there have been seven reports of illnesses tied to the recalled pouches. 

The FDA said that even low levels of lead in the bloodstream can cause cognitive impairment in children that is irreversible. Most children won't have obvious immediate symptoms, but if parents suspect their children have been exposed to lead, the FDA says they should talk to their child’s doctor about getting a blood test.

Short-term symptoms from lead toxicity include headache, abdominal pain/colic, vomiting and anemia. The FDA says lead toxicity can cause longer-term symptoms, including irritability, lethargy and fatigue.

WanaBana and Schnucks said customers wanting a refund can return products to the point of purchase.

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