Feel Good Friday


Feel Good Friday: Community helps Great Falls food bank

Feel Good Friday: Community helps Great Falls food bank
Feel Good Friday: Community helps Great Falls food bank
Posted at 9:05 AM, Sep 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-10 12:53:16-04

GREAT FALLS — A heart of service isn’t something that you come by often. However for the staff at First Interstate bank it’s almost a job requirement. Every year, at the First Interstate Bank the staff take one day off to serve their Community wherever they may be.

Feel Good Friday: Community helps food bank

“Our founder had a saying that if you take care of the community around you and the community around you will take care of you” said first interstate President Kyle Herda.

“and the staff here understands the importance of volunteer work.” Said Herda, “ it may start off as a work requirement for some people, but most of the time the volunteers find themselves really enjoying it.”

This year‘s day of volunteering benefited The Great Falls Community Food Bank as well as the Great Falls Public Schools. This is the second year that First Interstate Bank has spent their day of service food shopping to fill a U-Haul full of food for the community.

Both years they have reached over 7000 pounds of food, in addition this year first interstate also donated $5000 to the food bank. Which was a complete surprise for executive Director Shaun Tatarka.

“ There is hunger in our schools There is hunger in our community. So the Great Falls public schools have done a tremendous job of keeping their pantry stocked. The public has done a great job at keeping the pantry stocked and drives like this really help.”

Said Tatarka

A corporation built on service, is a corporation built on caring. First interstate is determined to serve its community on and off the clock