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Great Falls Voyagers host kids camp

The Voyagers teamed up with Heisey Community Center
Posted: 4:18 PM, Aug 23, 2019
Updated: 2019-08-24 17:29:55-04
Great Falls Voyagers host kids camp

GREAT FALLS — Great Falls Voyagers players took a break from playing the game of baseball to instead teach the game of baseball Friday morning.

The Voyagers teamed up with Heisey Community Center to host a kids baseball and softball camp.

During the camp, Voyagers’ players taught the kids the fundamentals of the game including base running, base stealing, taking a lead off a base, hitting balls and catching both fly and ground balls.
Today’s camp featured six to ten-year olds, all who were so excited to learn from the players they come out to watch.

Seven-year-old Charlotte Balldock said, “It’s so cool, I cannot believe this right now. Today is the best day of my life.”

Eight-year-old Griffin Casmiere said his favorite part of the day was the batting station. Griffin said it feels good to meet the players, “I don’t think I’d ever be able to do this!”

Voyagers’ pitcher Jason Morgan was one of the players helping out and teaching the kids at the camp. He said he enjoys being able to teach them about the game.

Jason added, "It's great to give back to the community like just being up here and I mean we don't get a whole lot of time to like interact with kids and like the people that come to our games just cause we're always here. So, it's nice to have them come out and spend a little time with them."

The camp will continue Saturday morning for kids aged eleven to fifteen.

Kids who attend the camp are provided lunch, a tee shirt, and two tickets to a Voyagers game.

This is the first year of this event, but organizers hope for it to grow and become an annual event.