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Lawmakers announce deal on government appropriations

To secure time to vote on new appropriations bills, lawmakers say they'll pass a stopgap funding measure.
Lawmakers announce deal on government appropriations
Posted at 3:55 PM, Feb 28, 2024

Congressional leaders said Wednesday they had arrived at a bipartisan agreement for several appropriations bills that will keep government agencies running for the year.

Scripps News has confirmed a vote on short-term funding is expected on Thursday in the House of Representatives, ahead of a Friday deadline when some agencies will otherwise run out of funding.

Agreed to are six appropriations bills that would help keep agencies running. The bills would apply to departments including Agriculture, Commerce, Energy, Interior, and Transportation. The bills will be voted on before March 8.

Six bills to fund other agencies, including those responsible for defense, Homeland Security, general government and the legislative branch, will be voted on before March 22.

The timeline will require an extra short-term funding solution to prevent a partial government shutdown.

"To give the House and Senate Appropriations Committee adequate time to execute on this deal in principle ...  a short-term continuing resolution to fund agencies through March 8 and the 22 will be necessary, and voted on by the House and Senate this week," lawmakers wrote.


Funding for Ukraine, Israel and other allies, meanwhile, is still in limbo and it remains to be seen whether House Speaker Mike Johnson will consider a $95 billion supplemental request that would unlock more funds.

The Senate voted overwhelmingly to pass the proposal earlier in February.

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