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Ensuring residents' safety is top priority at Highgate Senior Living

Posted at 9:26 AM, Feb 21, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-21 12:35:55-05

It’s important for senior living residents to always feel safe and secure. To ensure the safety of their residents, Highgate Senior Living takes those extra steps to make sure outside areas are clear of snow.

“There’s a lot of falls, and slips out in the wintertime,” said Russell Taylor, maintenance manager for Highgate. “This place is always clear; we try to make it so [the residents] are slip-free.”

Highgate Senior Living is partnered with a contractor who clears the snow from all walking areas daily during the snowy season to allow for residents to be safe when going for a walk or to the cars.

Dorene Thompson, a resident at Highgate Senior Living said, “as far as the way Highgate treats us, it’s wonderful. There’s nothing that they won’t do for you.”

Another resident, Gordon Matson, said, “I can’t imagine a better place to grow old.”

Highgate understands that slipping on ice or snow is never good, especially for elderly people who would have more serious injuries if a fall did occur.

“We have heated mats in our front entry to stop snow and ice from building up on our entryway along with our electronic doors, so they open the door with ease, and are not pulling on it when it's icy, in order to be able to come in a little more safely,” said Karen Miszler, executive director for Highgate Senior Living.

Miszler has been with Highgate for over 4 years and said the residents become like family for her and the other staff members.

“When a resident comes in here, they become part of our family,” said Miszler. “We enjoy spending time with them just as if they were our parents or grandparents or our loved ones, and they do become part of our family, so it's very important to us that they remain as safe as possible and anything that we can do to make sure that that happens is priority one for us.”