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Cascade County primary election ballots causing some confusion

Posted at 4:34 PM, May 21, 2024

GREAT FALLS — With the primary election nearly upon us, registered voters have been receiving their ballots in the mail, and with that has been some confusion among voters in Cascade County.

Cascade County residents have noticed some differences between the party ballots, including varying amounts on study commission budgets, which voters can vote for or against.

Voters will receive three ballots, representing Democrat, Republican, and Green Party. After choosing one party, voters are encouraged two discard the other two ballots and submit only one to be counted.

Individuals living in city limits will have the option to vote for both Cascade County and their city of residence.

Voters living in Cascade County, but outside of city limits, will only vote on the county.

The election administrator for Cascade County, Terry Thompson, explained the differences between ballots to clear up some of the confusion.

“[The ballots] do have different amounts; that means the amount of money that they are going to budget to conduct those study commissions. The town of Cascade and the city of Belt also have those, so anybody that lives in those precincts, you will have both the proper town or city and also the county. Everyone in the county will at least have the county on their ballot,” Thompson explained.

If you have any questions or confusion about the ballots, call 406-454-6803 or stop by the election office at 325 2nd Ave N, #100.