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Reptile Universe opens near Great Falls

Posted at 4:56 PM, Feb 02, 2024

GREAT FALLS — On February 1st, Reptile Universe opened its doors just west of Great Falls.

“We opened Reptile Universe in 2020, but kind of did it online and just for a hobby,” explained owner Kelly Stephens. “And then I wanted to branch out and create more than just the hobby.”

Stephens did just that, converting a small structure already on her property into a reptile store. Reptiles have been her passion since she got her first corn snake. It took her six months to convince the snake to feed, but once it did, she never looked back.

“Ever since then I went from corn snakes to false water cobras to every other snake out there,” Stephens said.

Stephens sells snakes, spiders, scorpions, geckos, and more. If she does not have a reptile in stock, she is usually willing to find a way to get it for her customer.

It is also helped in part by established businesses in the community.

“We also basically coexist with Montana Reptile Rescue,” Stephens said. “Animals that come in that are ready to look for new homes, they also are advertised here so they can be seen by people.”


Snakes are relatively easy to take care of, only needing to be fed a handful of times a month. It is one of the many reasons Stephens loves them as pets.

“They're very therapeutic,” Stephens said, “They're great with kids, especially kids that have disorders. I have a son who has a sensory disorder, and if he's having a bad day, nothing gets him out of that more than a snake.”

Although her store just opened at the start of the month, Stephens already has plans for expanding in the near future.

“Hopefully in a year, this little retail store will be moved to the outskirts of Great Falls somewhere,” Stephens said, “And then I want to make a bigger retail store, but I would like also to expand and make a zoo so kids can come in with their families and hold snakes and take pictures and meet new creatures.”

Reptile Universe is at 13 Pishkun Lane; click here to visit the Facebook page.

Reptile Universe is located at 13 Pishkun Lane
Reptile Universe is located at 13 Pishkun Lane