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FAST Blackfeet hosts 'Eating Together'

FAST Blackfeet hosts 'Eating Together'
Posted at 1:32 PM, Jan 19, 2024

BROWNING — A non-profit agency called "Food Access & Sustainability Team (FAST) Blackfeet" works to educate families about health and nutrition by hosting a cooking class and sharing recipes.

The program hosts classes that cover basic nutrition, shopping for healthy foods, and traditional foods. This program is led by Mackenzie Sachs, FAST Blackfeet’s Registered Dietitian, and Keshawna Yazzie-Wolftail, a Nutrition Education Specialist.

Classes are taught monthly to the public, and all ingredients are provided for each class. Mackenzie and Keshawna also conduct food demonstrations in the O’yo’p Food Pantry, Traditional cooking classes, Nutrition Tip of the Week, and Recipe of the Week.

Yazzie-Wolftail explained, "Within the Nutrition Education Section, we have our classes that we teach as well as recipes that we put out every week into our pantry. A lot of the recipes are going to be with foods that are traditional to the Blackfeet diet. It's also more affordable pantry staple recipes that we have with pantry staples that we have in our own pantry. So those that do get food through pantry have a recipe to go home to and try."

She continued, "Every time I meet new people in these classes or every time like we have something that we do that's new, it always brings back that reminder of like what we're doing and how big our mission is and how important it is. I feel really good about it.

For more information, click here to visit the FAST Blackfeet website.