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MSU-Northern powwow unites community through culture and tradition

The gym at MSU Northern will soon be filled Native American dancers for the annual Sweetgrass Society powwow.
Posted at 3:46 PM, Apr 12, 2024

HAVRE — The gym at MSU Northern will soon be filled Native American dancers for the annual Sweetgrass Society powwow. Held on Friday, April 12th through Saturday, April 13th, the powwow is a way for students and community members to celebrate Native American Culture.

Sweetgrass Society President, Tallen Oats explained, “Sweetgrass Society is a student led organization here at Northern for both native and non-native students with the goal of creating representation on campus.”

The powwow has been put on at the school for 47 years, and is a great way for community members, family, and students to come together and celebrate the year.

MSU Northern student, Cactos Runs About has been dancing in powwow’s since he was a child. He describes the atmosphere as bigger than life. “You know, when colleges have these kind of powwows, the native population of students, they'll try to come here and, you know, feel at home.”

A big goal in holding the event is allowing community members to join in on the celebration. “Just coming together, being able to be a community, just having each other to support on, and then just teaching other people is the best part. Everyone is welcome,” said Sweetgrass Society Vice President, Dulci Skunkcap.

Dance categories include men and woman fancy dance, traditional, woman’s jingle, and men’s grass. “I dance for family. I dance for friends, you know? With finals coming up, it gets stressful. But when you get to hit the dance floor, everything just kind of releases.” Illustrated Runs About.

While the Sweetgrass Society has been a pivotal force on campus, support from the community is always welcome and needed. MSU Northern Student, Lana Wagner-Wellman added, “It’s been kind of tough on us the last couple of years due to finances. Fundraising is a big part of how we keep out events and group going at Sweetgrass Society. Anytime we get donars or people or businesses to fund us, it’s absolutely amazing and goes a long way.”

If you would like to donate to the Sweetgrass Society, you can call the school directly, find the group on Facebook, or check out the website.