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Lewistown hosts annual Chokecherry Festival

Lewistown hosts annual Chokecherry Festival
Chokecherry festival
Posted at 6:02 PM, Sep 09, 2023

LEWISTOWN — The end of the summer means that chokecherries are in season, which means it’s time for Lewistown to hold their annual Chokecherry Festival.

Lewistown hosts annual Chokecherry Festival

Up and down main street, hundreds of vendors had set up in Lewistown to sell merchandise at the Chokecherry Festival. There was also a classic car show.

“It’s kind of one of them get togethers where you come a lot of times just to see some people that you haven’t seen all year,” Bill Dengel, owner of a 1962 Pontiac said.

At the Lewistown Art Center, there was a chokecherry culinary contest, where participants could make anything they wanted as long as it included chokecherries in the recipe.

“People from the community can bring in different category culinary articles, so cookies, cakes, candies, beverages, jellies, and jams,” Nolee Anderson-Hendren, one of the culinary contests judges said.

There were multiple chokecherry lemonade stands, with one being a long time family reunion.

“It’s our family get together every year,” Jennifer Keller, the chokecherry lemonade vendor said, “And we just sell out every year, so it’s a good little money maker for everybody, gets a little bonus at the end of the weekend and we get some family time.

The hundreds of vendors were selling everything, from fur hats to jambalaya to chokecherry mead and cigar box guitars. People of all ages were roaming the streets checking out the merchandise, as well as watching children performing and getting their faces painted.

The event has been getting bigger and bigger every year, and this only just scratches the surface of what goes on at the festival. The small chokecherry brings a small community together in a big way.