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Upgrades underway at the Dash Inn in Lewistown

Dash Inn in Lewistown
Dash Inn in Lewistown (MTN News)
Posted at 6:23 PM, Jul 05, 2023

The Dash Inn located in Lewistown Montana has been serving customers since 1952.

For the past 19 years, now general manager Taryn Proctor has been making her impact on the community.

Proctor started working at the business at the young age of 14 when she accompanied a friend to her job interview. Proctor was hired that same day and has been working there ever since.

Taryn Proctor

The working environment looks a little different for Proctor now than it did 19 years ago as she now works along since her daughter and husband.

“I can spend more time with my family. Me and my husband do a good job at communicating. He does our night shift. I do our day shift. And my daughter, she's 14. Well, just turned 15. It's crazy to see her in here because it reminds me of myself as a young girl working in here. It's really cool to see her grow,” Proctor explained.

The Dash Inn has new ownership that took over May 22nd of this year. Both owners attribute the Dash Inn’s success to the employees that work there.

Felicia Threadgill explains that Proctor has been the heart of the business: “Everybody knows her, she’s amazing to work with.”

Felicia Threadgill

Threadgill also said that she and her co-owner have many plans to expand the Dash Inn.

The first expansion includes delivery services within Lewistown. Both owners hope in the future to start a food truck, open a second location, and expand the location currently operating in Lewistown.

Customers from near and far continue to return to the Dash Inn for their friendly staff and delicious food.

Former Lewistown resident Colie Hamilton stated, “Well, I hate to say that I'm old, but back in the sixties, this was the only spot you ever came to. And they had the best food in town, and they still have the best food. So, when I come back from Billings, I always come to the Dash Inn.”

Colie Hamilton

Hamilton’s go to order includes a shake, fries, and the famous wagon wheel burger.

Proctor explained that the wagon wheel is truly what the Dash Inn is famous for.

“It's like a hamburger but we put it between two pieces of white bread and put it in a machine that makes it into a circular shape. So it's like an Uncrustable, but with meat in it.”

With 71 years of operations already under their belt, the Dash Inn owners are excited for what’s to come and hope for many more years serving the Lewistown community.


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Dash Inn in Lewistown (MTN News)