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Teton County Sheriff's Office is ending contract with Choteau

Choteau prepares for termination of contract with Sheriff's Office
Posted at 9:24 AM, May 22, 2024

CHOTEAU — On May 16th, the residents of Choteau were told the law enforcement agreement between the Teton County Sheriff's Office and the City of Choteau is being terminated.

“This definitely caught us off guard,” said Chris Hindoien, mayor of Choteau.

Last Thursday, Mayor Hindoien received a letter from the Teton County Sheriff’s Office stating that, effective August 31st, the law enforcement agreement between the city and the county will be terminated.

On Tuesday, May 21, the Choteau City Council held a meeting to clear up some confusion.

“The contract is going to end, but the end of the world is not coming,” Hindoien said.

The sheriff is still responsible to respond to all county and state codes within Teton County, which includes the city of Choteau.

As for what law enforcement in Choteau will look like going forward, the city is asking its residents for ideas.

“We will get the answer the best way we can, grassroots,” Hindoien said, “And that's why our meetings, unlike the county’s, are held at 5:30 at night.”

Whether the answer is a new contract with the sheriff’s office, a local police station, or a public safety levy, the city wants to work with its citizens to find the best possible answer.

“The bottom line is…the people of Choteau tell us they want,” Hindoien said, “And if we can work that out, we'll get it done.”

The City Council invites people to email their ideas and plans on having results long before the termination date.

“It will be my goal and I believe the goal of the council to have viable options to the people by our first meeting in July,” Hindoien said.

You can email Mayor Chris Hindoien at or call Choteau City Hall at 406-466-2510.