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Controlled burn underway in Sun Canyon area

Posted at 6:07 PM, Apr 10, 2024

AUGUSTA — In the video above, Paul Sanchez reports on a prescribed burn that is underway in the Sun Canyon area.

Here is the transcript provided by Paul Sanchez:

The Rocky Mountain Ranger District Fire Crew is burning excess trees and brush in a controlled burn in the Sun Canyon area.

Fire Crew calls in at 1130, we started the test fire. Give it a few minutes I'll call dispatch, successful. We're going to keep lighting the other ones.

When doing a controlled burn you need to be prepared, with safety equipment, a water source, shovel and a fire crew.

Fire Crew filling out all the information that dispatch will want to know and to pass it on up to Forest Management and it helps them see where we were and how much we burn.

Burning these piles helps get rid of fuel that could cause more damage during a forest fire.