Parisian found guilty of kidnapping and assault

Posted at 3:55 PM, Apr 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-18 17:55:23-04

Kevin Parisian was found guilty of aggravated kidnapping and assault with a weapon on Wednesday, the third day of his trial.

He was found not guilty of tampering with a communication device, however.

In April of 2017, police officers were called to an apartment building for a report of a woman being assaulted.

Court documents state that Parisian was holding a knife to a woman’s neck and refused to comply with officers’ orders to drop the weapon.

Great Falls Police officer Tad Kimmet shot Parisian. Kimmet testified on Tuesday.

Parisian’s sentencing has not been set at this time.

(April 24, 2017) Kevin Parisian has been charged with kidnapping and assault for an incident that resulted in him being shot by a Great Falls police officer last week.

Parisian was charged on Monday with aggravated kidnapping and assault with a weapon. 

Court documents state that Parisian was involved in a fight with a woman at an apartment at 4251 Central Avenue on Thursday evening.

Great Falls Police Chief David Bowen said that officers were dispatched to the disturbance at about 9:45 p.m. 

As officers approached the apartment, they said the apartment door flew open, and they saw Parisian standing in the doorway with a knife pointed at a woman’s neck.

Court documents say that officers ordered Parisian to drop the knife, but he did not comply. 

Because of the apparent danger to the woman and Parisian’s refusal to obey the officers commands to drop the knife, one of the officers shot him, according to court documents.

Parisian was taken to Benefis Health System for treatment of his injury.

After being released from Benefis hospital, he was arrested on a $250,000 warrant.

The incident drew a large police presence, and the area was blocked off for several hours as authorities investigated.

The officer who shot Parisian – whose name has not yet been released – has been placed on administrative leave, and the Montana Department of Justice’s Division of Criminal Investigation has taken over the investigation.

Both steps are routine whenever an officer fires a gun or a suspect is shot.

The alleged victim told police officers that Parisian had beat her with a speaker and pulled out her hair. 

According to court documents, her shirt was covered with blood from the assault.

The woman was taken to Benefis for treatment of the injuries she sustained in the altercation with the man.

Authorities have not disclosed the nature or extent of the injuries sustained by Parisian or the woman.

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