Rescue efforts continue for 13 stranded in Scapegoat Wilderness (video)

Posted at 4:32 PM, Jun 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-19 18:32:31-04

Efforts are continuing to get 13 people stuck in the Scapegoat Wilderness to safety.

Captain Brent Colbert with the Lewis & Clark County Sheriff’s Office says the group is at the headwaters of the Dearborn River in the Scapegoat Wilderness, not Gibson Dam in the Bob Marshall as they initially reported.

Two Bear Air Rescue of Whitefish is in the process of removing the stranded group via helicopter, but can take only a few at a time.

Water has washed out a portion of Benchmark Road the nearest landing zone, so deputies are meeting the helicopter south of that area and escorting people to Augusta.

We will update you if we get more information..

(2nd Report) According to Captain Brent Colbert, the stranded party in the Bob Marshall Wilderness will remain in their current location near Gibson Dam throughout Monday night. Colbert said that a Two Bear Air helicopter from Whitefish will fly in Tuesday morning in hopes of rescuing the 13 people.

The woman who was walking near Hauser Dam has been found safe. Captain Colbert said she was unable to climb back the way she came due to slick conditions.

(1st Report, Monday, 9:35 p.m.) Two search and rescue operations are underway near Helena and Augusta on Monday night.

According to the Lewis and Clark County Sheriff’s Office, a woman was walking near Hauser Dam when she became lost. She initially called for help around 7:30 p.m. 

Hauser Dam is located about 20 miles northeast of Helena. Sheriff’s deputies along with Search and Rescue are working to locate the woman and return her to safety. It is unclear at this time if the woman has any injuries.

Lewis & Clark Search and Rescue is also responding to another rescue situation in the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

Captain Brent Colbert with the Lewis and Clark County Sheriff’s Office said 13 people are stranded near Gibson Dam, which is west of Augusta.

A call for help came in around 8 p.m.Colbert said the group is on the wrong side of the river and cannot cross due to high water.

Search and Rescue is currently working to locate the group and Malmstrom Air Force Base may assist with a helicopter to bring the group to safety. 

It is unknown at this time whether there are any injuries.

We will update you with any new information.

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