Capital City Amateur Radio Club participated in the HAM Radio Field Day 2020

Field Day is a practice for emergencies.
Posted at 11:05 AM, Jun 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-28 20:47:23-04

Capital City Amateur Radio Club invited the public to visit their Ham Radio Field Day 2020 event.

According to the club, amateur radio operators are a vital resource in emergencies. Amateur radios work when cell phones do not, and when all the power lines are down.

The radio field day prepares the amateur radio operators for those conditions in case Montana is in need of help. The president of the club says the objective is for the operators to make as many contacts as they can.

“So, the goal of Field Day is to get out of Montana and reach as many other stations in as many other states, or even other countries as possible,” says Tom Mandera, the President of the Capital City Amateur Radio Club. “So, there's a problem in Montana, I can get to Western Washington and they can send help. There's a problem in Montana, I can get to New York, New York State and they can get help. I can get out and I can fill that communications gap so that somebody can come and help us with whatever we need."

Field day is a worldwide event and anyone can be a licensed Ham radio operator by passing a test. You can contact the Capitol City Amateur Radio Club for more information.

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