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Bison Ford donates to Great Falls school pantry

Posted: 11:30 AM, Mar 21, 2020
Updated: 2020-03-21 13:38:13-04
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GREAT FALLS — Every spring, Bison Ford partners with Ford Company to do their annual peanut butter drive.

With the coronavirus impacting everything from businesses to schools, organizers decided to donate what they had to the Great Falls Public Schools Pantry.

They had 14 different schools come and pick up food at Bison Ford and all 21 schools will receive peanut butter to put in their pantries.

Whitney Olson Vice President of Bison Ford, says she sees this as an opportunity to help our community.

Bison Ford Vice President Whitney Olson commented, “Since 2014, Bison Ford has partnered with Ford Motor Company for an annual peanut butter drive. This event takes place in the spring and culminates with our largest community donations of peanut butter at our Fords Forever Car Show. Last year the Peanut Butter Drive resulted in 1,333 pounds of peanut butter. This year we are expecting a similar amount. In addition to our generous customers, Bison Ford has made a commitment over the years to supply 80 cases of peanut butter to this event. In preparation, we purchased our 2020 supply of peanut butter in January at a local grocery store’s case sale. Rather than wait to distribute the peanut butter, the dealership feels it is important to meet the immediate needs of the Great Falls Public Schools’ food pantries.”

“Certainly we are concerned about the people who might not have a meal. The state of the grocery stories in Great Falls certainly might be preventing them from getting their groceries. (We're) happy to step up,” says Olson.

Bison Ford donated 80 cases of peanut butter in total.

Great Falls Public Schools will still look for more items while students are out of classes.

“This is the first time in history our school Food Pantry is empty,” commented Principal of Whittier Elementary, Corri Smith. “Even during Christmas break, we still had food at the end.”

Every food pantry in every school is currently in need of food.

Although GFPS gave away over 1000 lunches Wednesday at various locations, this does not cover entire families for other meals and weekends.

GFPS will continue to offer free breakfasts and lunches until school is in session. Many organizations have reached out to offer assistance including Set Free Ministries, Fishers of Men, PTA groups and individuals.

If you are interested in donating food for the school food pantries, please call the school of your choice (elementary, middle school, or high schools) directly to drop off your items. Phone numbers listed on GFPS website.

Here is a list of items the schools are asking for, but they also are taking donations of any non-parishable items.