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GFPD provides update on several items

Posted at 12:00 PM, Apr 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-06 14:01:21-04

GREAT FALLS — The Great Falls Police Department on Monday morning provided an update on several items and said "thank you" to some folks. Here is what they posted on Facebook:

HAPPY MONTANA DAY! Keep coloring! We have received some awesome artwork for our virtual coloring party, 🎨 The police station is looking very cheery and colorful.

🍕 Thank you to the two community members who sent us 25 pizzas, our bellies were happy.

🐻 HINT - If you're participating in the Alliance for Youth daily teddy bear hunt we encourage you to swing by the police station.

🎉 We hear you Great Falls, we are loving the howling, hooting, and hollering that’s happening at 8pm every night. To get in on the fun go to or

🚓 Stay home unless it is critical you leave
🚓 Be respectful to rules put in place by retail outlets
🚓 Support local businesses
🚓 Be patient and kind to each other
🚓 Call if you need us, we’re here

🐹 Multiple-animal permits and multiple animal hobby breeder permit inspections have been suspended, they will resume 30 days following the rescission of the City of Great Falls State of Emergency order. While the inspections are suspended, residents are still obligated to submit their permit applications to the Great Falls Animal Shelter. Get an application here:…/animal-permit-applications.

🚗 All Montana-issued Class D driver licenses that expired 3/1/20 to 5/30/20, remain valid for an additional 90 days after their expiration date.
🚗 A 90-day extension will be provided to dealerships to submit paperwork to county offices and vehicle owners to title and register any vehicles transferred after 3/16/20.
🚗 Registration renewals may be completed online up to 30 days past the month shown on the vehicle’s registration tab. More details here.