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Community rallies to help family of man killed by a grizzly bear

Craig and Jamie Clouatre with their children Davin, 14, Zoe, 12, Kylie, 9, and Ella, 9.
Posted at 2:47 PM, Mar 30, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-30 16:51:51-04

LIVINGSTON — RX Coffee in Livingston hosted a fundraiser on Tuesday for the family of Craig Clouatre, who was found dead after reportedly being attacked by a grizzly bear on Friday, March 25, 2022.

The community has been banding together the last few days in support of Craig's family. Tuesdays at RX Coffee were Craig's delivery days for Shamrock Foods.

“It was our day waiting for him to come in today, as it being Tuesday,” said Jusenta Hall, manager at RX Coffee.

Tuesdays now hold a special significance; for the coffee shop staff, it was their day to see Craig's smiling face.

“Tuesdays I take care of all the ordering. So our big Shamrock order would come on Tuesday, and he would always stop in to make sure my order was right, nothing was broken,” said Hall.

Craig Clouatre

This was the first Tuesday with Craig not here.

“Today we are dedicating Tuesday to Craig,” Hall said.

All sales at RX Coffee for the day were donated to his family.

“People in Livingston band together,” said Diane Coffman, owner of RX Coffee. “He was always just so happy to be here, we’d always get him his coffee and he used to joke, 'Can I just come back there and work with you guys, just a couple days a week?'"

The impact was felt in the community for those who knew him - whether just a few months or many years.

“I saw a young man that I was excited to help mold, sculpt and have an impact in his life. Five months ago I could've never, ever dreamt the impact he would have on mine," said Mark Jones, business development manager at Shamrock Foods. "Every day he got in our car with a smile on his face, and he left our car with a smile on his face.”

Mark Jones and fellow business development manager Payne Stidham were both instrumental in hiring Craig at Shamrock.

“As a human being he was just...they don't come any better and we were just so happy to [have] somebody of that character and those qualities be part of our family and of our team,” said Stidham.

Craig and Jamie Clouatre with their children Davin, 14, Zoe, 12, Kylie, 9, and Ella, 9.
Craig and Jamie Clouatre with their children Davin, 14, Zoe, 12, Kylie, 9, and Ella, 9.

He loved his community, and his community continues to love him back.

“I mean this guy was loved up and down this valley,” said Jones.

They all agreed to strive to live more like Craig.

“We all need to be like Craig,” Coffman said.

For those interested in helping the Clouatre family, a silent auction will be held at the Livingston Civic Center on Sunday, April 10, beginning at 5 p.m.

There is also GoFundMe account to help the Clouatres; click here if you would like to help. An account for cash and check donations has been set up at American Bank in Livingston. If you donate, make sure to note the money is for the Clouatre family.