More “Neighbors in Need” during colder months

Cold temps can mean more in need
Posted at 5:14 PM, Nov 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-02 20:12:14-04

GREAT FALLS — As Great Falls gets colder, the need within the community gets bigger. “My Neighbor In Need” helps community members weather out the cold season by meeting their needs with good deeds.

The anonymous giving organization, created by Dave Snuggs, allows people to voice their needs while their neighbors fulfill them, without ever meeting face-to-face.

“We take someone who’s in need of something. We verify the need is real, put it on our website where anyone in the world can offer to fulfill the need,” Snuggs said.

In 7-and-a-half years, Great Falls givers have helped more than 17 thousand people.

“In 2012 we launched it with the goal of helping 200 people a year, and now we’re at 2,000 people a year.”

But as the amount of assistance has increased, so has the number of needs.

Snuggs explains that weather changes like we've experienced recently greatly impact the need for good deeds.

“We see more need based on the weather. If you think about it, a student in need, the number one request are warm coats, hats, gloves-and that happens after every snowstorm. So we’ll go from having ten needs to all of a sudden having 30 needs, all for warm apparel,” Snuggs said.

There are currently 7 unmet needs across Cascade County.

If you'd like to donate money or an item(s) you can do so online or in person at their downtown office.

My neighbor in Need is located at 525 Central Ave in the Times Square building.