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Studio Barre in Great Falls offers online workouts

Posted at 8:09 AM, Mar 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-27 13:12:11-04

GREAT FALLS — For people who want to exercise and stay fit during the current era of "social distancing," Studio Barre Great Falls is offering online fitness classes.

Studio Barre Great Falls and all other stores within the California-based franchise have closed their studios temporarily and opted for online classes.

Studio owner Keely Baker said this is the first time the franchise has ever offered online classes. “We really wanted to make sure that the quality of Studio Barre stayed the same and we weren’t just making at-home videos for clients,” Baker said.

In order to uphold the quality of the classes, instructors redesigned the classes by switching out studio equipment for household items. For example, instead of using hand weights users can perform exercise with canned goods or water bottles, and instead of a ballet barre, exercisers can use a chair for balance.

Barre combines aspects of pilates and ballet for an extremely effective workout fit for all levels.

“It’s a super low-impact workout. You’re not gonna be jumping around. You’re not gonna be lifting heavy weights that could potentially hurt your body and you really isolate the muscle groups in your entire body...It’s a great workout. I have people in here who are in their 70’s and taking and love it and then I’ve got people who are in high school and love it and come all the time because it kicks their butt,” Baker said.

Baker said the hour-long group fitness class offers more than just physical benefits.

“I think the biggest thing is like keeping their mental health there... It's just one hour where you clock out mentally and take time for yourself which is so important,” Baker said.

To try a class you can head to the Studio Barre Great Falls website, or email keely@studioarre.com for more details.

Studio Barre Great Falls is located at 112 3rd Street South.