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Out & About: a visit to First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park

Posted at 4:06 PM, Apr 11, 2024

In the video above, reporter Brianna Juneau visits First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park, located several miles west of Great Falls.

The bison jump site consists of a mile long sandstone cliff; there are remnants of drive lines on top of the cliff and there are up to 18 feet of compacted buffalo remains below the cliff.

The park features an interpretive trail, picnic tables, and a black-tailed prairie dog town.

There is also Visitor Center with bison culture exhibits, a storytelling circle, classroom, gallery, and bookstore.

An outdoor amphitheater and traditional games playing fields are featured outdoors.

For more information about the park or to see what events are coming up, visit the park’s website.

First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park map