Robert F. Kennedy Jr. lists New York home in foreclosure as voting address, records show

The independent presidential candidate's campaign told Scripps News he pays rent to the owner of the home.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Posted at 4:20 PM, May 20, 2024

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has listed his friends' New York home — which is in foreclosure — as his voting address, records have revealed.

The politician's campaign did not comment on the foreclosure when Scripps News requested a comment on the matter, but said Kennedy receives mail at the Westchester County address and that his driver's license, car and other registrations are attached to the home.

The campaign said the 84 Croton Lake Road property is the presidential candidate's "official address," but neighbors and local Katonah authorities told the New York Post, which first reported the finding, that he's never been seen there.

The Post reported that a review of Kennedy's previous voting records showed he's used the address to vote in at least eight elections, going back to 2008 and most recently in 2020. The Kennedy campaign told Scripps News he transferred his residence from a home a few miles away in Bedford to the address in June 2023.

Recent presidential petitions filed in New Hampshire also list the Katonah address as his home, the Post found. New York's voter registration records show RFK Jr.'s most recent application for a ballot at the address was received through mail on April 23 and was approved.

The candidate's campaign told Scripps News that Kennedy has lived in Bedford — in which Katonah is a village — "continuously for 40 years." Since 2014, it said he stayed at his official residence a few miles away from the Katonah property two times each month until its landlord, "worried about becoming embroiled in political controversy," asked Kennedy to find another residence once he announced his candidacy.

The campaign said Kennedy's "best friend" invited him to move into the Croton Road home "in which Kennedy had been a frequent guest," and now he pays rent to the owner.

The property's official owner is Barbara Moss, and multiple sites also list the residence as the business address for Barbara Moss Design. Moss was described in a New Bedford museum's bulletin as an interior designer and landscape designer with her own firm.

Moss is married to Timothy Haydock, a doctor and Kennedy's longtime friend. Haydock's voting records also list the Croton Lake Road home as his voting address.

Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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In March, the U.S. Bank Trust Company filed a foreclosure notice against Moss in New York Supreme Court, stating "You are in danger of losing your home" due to owing $46,106 plus interest. Some real estate sites now list the home in pre-foreclosure. The Post said a settlement conference is scheduled for June 7.

The publication also reported Kennedy said Moss and Haydock were in litigation to appeal the foreclosure. In regards to the Post's comments about neighbors, his campaign told Scripps News:

"Since embarking on his presidential campaign, Mr. Kennedy has been traveling constantly in other states. During the 11 months since switching residences, he therefore has not had occasion to stay at his Croton Lake Road home which explains why neighbors have not seen him."

The campaign also said he pays taxes to New York, his law office is there and that it's been his residence "continuously since 1968 although he has frequently lived elsewhere."

"He has never claimed any other state as residency. He intends to move back to New York after his wife retires from acting," the campaign told Scripps News. Kennedy and his wife are known to live in a Los Angeles home, among others.

In response to the Post's publication of its findings, the Democratic National Convention said, "The more we learn about RFK Jr., the more questions we have." It pointed to the New York Times' report that the candidate has brain damage from mercury poisoning and a parasite that had eaten portions of his brain.

"Like Donald Trump, he has yet to file his latest financial disclosure form or release his tax returns. And now we learn he's voted from an address in New York state despite living across the country in California for years. The only thing we know for sure about RFK Jr. is that his candidacy is a spoiler for Donald Trump," the statement from DNC Senior Advisor Mary Beth Cahill said.

The most recent polling data from DDHQ states Kennedy polling at around 7%, while Republican front-runner former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden are both at around 41%.