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Primary results: Biden, Trump projected to sweep state contests

Five states held primary contests Tuesday: Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Kansas and Ohio. President Biden and Donald Trump are now projected to sweep.
Election results: Biden, Trump projected to win Kansas primary
Posted at 6:05 PM, Mar 19, 2024

Five states held primary contests Tuesday: Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Kansas and Ohio.

Polls closed at 7 p.m. ET in Florida, 7:30 p.m. ET in Ohio, 8 p.m. ET in Illinois and Kansas and 9 p.m. ET in Arizona. 

Scripps News and Decision Desk HQ project President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump will win their respective presidential primaries in Ohio, Illinois, Kansas and Arizona on Tuesday.

Trump is projected to win Florida's Republican primary. Democrats in that state directly awarded delegates to President Biden rather than holding a primary.

The presidential race

President Joe Biden and Republican challenger former President Donald Trump each went into Tuesday's elections as their respective party's presumptive nominee in the 2024 race. They reached key delegate thresholds during March 12 primary races in Georgia and Washington.

Formal party nominations will not be made official until nominating conventions are held this summer.

Trump voted in Palm Beach, Florida, on Tuesday.

President Biden was in Nevada and Arizona Tuesday, promoting his administration's affordable housing policies and his support for the computer chip-fabrication industry. 

U.S. Senate race in Ohio

Scripps News and Decision Desk HQ project businessman Bernie Moreno, who has been endorsed by Trump, will win the Republican primary for U.S. Senate in Ohio.

Moreno made headlines last week when The Associated Press reported there was an account in his name on Adult Friend Finder, a website for arranging casual sexual encounters. 

The account was created in 2008 and last accessed just hours after its origination. A message on the account said the owner was "looking for young guys to have fun with while traveling."

A lawyer for Moreno told the AP one of Moreno's interns had created the account as a prank.

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