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This might end the green message bubble vs. blue message bubble divide

Nothing will soon roll out its “Nothing Chats” app that they claim can send blue bubble messages to friends with iPhones even if you don't have one.
There may be an end to the green message bubble vs. blue bubble divide
Posted at 12:57 PM, Nov 15, 2023

For over a decade, there has been a social stigma surrounding blue text message bubbles versus green. Now, that may change. 

Nothing, a London-based tech company, will soon roll out its Nothing Chats messaging application that they claim can send blue bubble messages to friends with iPhones even if you don’t have one. The catch: You will need to have one of the company’s Nothing Phone (2) devices. 

It will only be available for Phone (2) users in the U.S., Canada, UK and EU at first, the company said. 

“We believe in windows, not walls. If messaging services are dividing phone users, then we want to break those barriers down,” Nothing said on its website. 

The app, developed in partnership with Sunbird in the U.S., is currently in a beta phase. As it opens up to more Android users, you will be able to download the Nothing Chats app from the Google Play Store and sign into it with an Apple ID account — although Nothing emphasizes the companies are not associated with Apple.

Sunbird said the messaging app can be used with or without wifi. The company also said iMessage features live reactions, tapbacks and live typing will be supported. 

Meanwhile, Apple's latest iOS update will include more features that will drive the phone divide further with a contact poster that only pops up when you receive phone calls from other iPhone users, according to The Verge

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