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Woman in Waffle House uniform posed as employee and stole cash

A woman said she was there to help out the busy staff. She worked several hours before stealing cash from a register.
Woman in Waffle House uniform posed as employee and stole cash
Posted at 7:55 PM, Dec 22, 2023

A woman posing as an employee worked several hours in a Georgia Waffle House before stealing roughly $130 from the register, authorities said.

According to a police report, on Dec. 12 a woman wearing a full Waffle House employee uniform arrived at a restaurant in Riverdale, Georgia, south of Atlanta. She told employees she was there to work — and hours later, she took about $130 from a cash register. Management wasn't aware a crime had taken place until the next day.

According to a Waffle House manager, it is thought that the woman "work(s) or used to work for Waffle House."

Riverdale police posted on Facebook with details of the incident, hoping to get public feedback to build their case.

Police say they've identified the woman, but are still working on establishing probable cause that would allow them to make an arrest.

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The Waffle House corporate office says it's aware of the case. A spokesperson said that with the number of new hires Waffle House has this time of year, the woman's story may not have raised eyebrows.

"This is the holiday season and there are lots of new seasonal employees being hired. They would not necessarily be known by everyone at a restaurant. Particularly, if they have stated that they have been sent from another restaurant. So, that’s not entirely unusual," the spokesperson said.

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