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Always cold at work? This simple device can help

Always cold at work? This simple device can help
Posted at 7:30 AM, Mar 27, 2023

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If you’re always cold at your office, you probably already have a sweater sitting on the back of your chair. Sometimes being inside means dealing with a chillier environment. This is especially true in the summer when air conditioning begins blasting right around the same time people start wearing fewer layers.


If you find yourself chilly at work, you’re not alone. Luckily, there are ways to cope that don’t entail wrapping yourself up in a blanket burrito. You might simply need to pick up the best desk heater to make the temperature more enjoyable. Space heaters can provide warmth right at your desk without having to heat the entire office, which can also make them economical to run. Just be sure to double-check that your employer allows them.

At $23.99, Andily Electric Space Heater is ideal for warming up smaller spaces. It has more than 32,900 global ratings and an average of 4.5 stars. Users called it “small but mighty” and liked the amount of heat it put out. The 6.2-inch-by-4.72 inch-by-8.3 inch portable heater comes equipped with a ceramic heating element, which warms up quickly. You can set the thermostat to heat the space to a specific temperature. The built-in safety feature offers tip-over protection, which automatically disconnects the heater when it’s tilted or accidentally kicked.


If you’re looking for an electric space heater that features a quiet setting, the Lasso Oscillating Digital Ceramic Tower offers not one but two quiet modes, one for low heat and one for high. For $59.99, this oscillating indoor heater comes with an adjustable thermostat and remote control. It’s 23 inches high by 7 inches wide and weighs under eight pounds. It comes with an adjustable timer that ranges from one to eight hours.

However, if you’d rather pick up a no-frills small space heater that does the job well for a fraction of the cost, check out Amazon Basics 500-Watt Ceramic Small Heater. It’s so small that it can sit on your desk. Choose from one of four different colors: black, blue, pink or white. The black one-button version that doesn’t contain temperature control sells for $16.99.


Taking Safety Precautions

Many heaters come with a timer that automatically shuts the device off after a certain number of hours, which can be a good safety protocol if you leave for the day and forget to turn it off. Look for versions with additional safety features like a built-in shutoff when tilted or tipped and a safety netting in the front section where the heat is released.

If you’re in the market for a small portable heater, check out our selection of the best desk heaters that’s been vetted by a team of experts.

We hope picking up this handy device helps you feel better equipped for the workday. In addition, you can also try sipping on warm beverages, using a heat pack and dressing in layers.

Space heaters are great for home offices too. You might even find you can save on utilities if you simply heat one room rather than the whole house. Stay warm out there!

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