Montana teen goes far in Ninja Warrior competition

Evan Andrews of Butte
Evan Andrews
Posted at 9:11 AM, Aug 07, 2022
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Evan Andrews of Butte is no turtle, but he is a teenager and he is a ninja and can do stuff like this.

The 17-year-old competed in the 14th season of the TV "American Ninja Warrior" and made it all the way to the champion round in Las Vegas.

“When you step up to the starting platform so many nerves come rushing in, that’s the first thing that comes and then the guy counts you down and the buzzer sounds and then you run and that’s when things get crazy intense,” said Evan.

Competing with adults, Evan made history in the final round of the show.

“I’m the first rookie to hit a semifinals buzzer and I’m really motivated going into Vegas, I feel like I’ve a lot more to offer and a lot more to prove,” said Andrews.

The young man has been training in a homemade gym in his garage in preparation for the show.

“I feel like this course in my garage really helps with getting a feel for what I’m taking on with the show. I have a very versatile setup here and I feel like that helped,” he said.

His mother Laurie has been at all the competition during the show.

“It’s been nerve-wracking as a parent and wonderful, it’s an amazing thing watching your child achieve his dreams, I think that’s something as a parent being able to do is like nothing else,” said Laurie Andrews.

Evan said the support he’s received from friends and family who have watched the show has been rewarding.

“I’ve been doing this stuff in my garage pretty silently for the past three, four, five years, it feels really good to finally get the payout for it,” said Evans.

And people can watch how he did in the championship round by watching American Ninja Warrior on August 15.


Butte teen set to compete on 'American Ninja Warrior'
Butte teen set to compete on 'American Ninja Warrior'