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This cashmere blanket comes in a rainbow of colors—and some hues are on sale

This cashmere blanket comes in a rainbow of colors—and some hues are on sale
Posted at 9:05 AM, Aug 09, 2022

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We’ve grown used to hunkering down at home over the last few years. And items that make cozying up on the couch or with a good book help make our home time all the better.

Enter the cashmere blanket, a silky soft and warm throw that’s the perfect item for snuggling.

Cuddle Dreams’ cashmere blanket with fringe is on sale on Amazon right now. You can take an additional $10 off the $199.90 luxury throw with a coupon.

The throw is 75% cashmere and 25% merino wool, with its cashmere coming from Mongolian goats.

“Inner Mongolia … is widely recognized as one of the finest cashmere origins in the world,” the description of the cashmere blanket reads. “To withstand the country’s extremely cold climate, cashmere goats have an undercoat of fine down. This down is combed out in spring, and unwanted long hairs would be separated out. Each goat may only produce 3 to 4 ounces of cashmere.”


Cuddle Dreams’ cashmere blanket is 50 inches wide and 73 inches long and comes in yellow, red and navy at the currently discounted price with coupon. There are also other colors and a 48-inch by 79-inch version of the throw.

This cashmere blanket weighs one pound and should only be dry cleaned.

Cuddle Dreams’ cashmere blanket garners 4.4 out of 5 on average from its 137 reviews. On softness, it ranks a 4.8 out of 5, and reviewers praise its texture.

“My wife is an unabashed throw addict, she has a dozen or more, this one is her favorite,” wrote Matt A. “It’s pretty big when compared to many other throws so she can wrap up in it and not leave her feet hanging out.”

Although it does have merino wool in it, “the blanket is just as soft as if it were made of 100% cashmere,” reviewer SuSyChang said. “I don’t think the consumer would feel that they were making any concessions on that point. I gave this blanket as a Christmas gift, and the recipient was delighted. She said that being wrapped in the blanket was like stepping into a hug.”


One purchaser who said she’d bought two high-end department store cashmere blankets for hundreds more said “they don’t compare with the quality of the Cuddle Dreams throw.”

Another reviewer says it makes a great travel blanket.

“The size is ample for that purpose,” wrote Big Isle Reader, who loved this cashmere blanket’s “soft and luxurious” feel. “When I toss it on it settles over me like a heavenly layer of warmth. I got it in red so I wouldn’t leave it on the airplane — the red is dazzling. Perfection!”

Do you own a cashmere blanket or does this make you covet one?

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