Meals On Wheels could use some help this summer

Teresa Loftus, senior nutrition program manager for Meals On Wheels in Great Falls
Harley Yeager has been helping deliver meals for 11 years
Posted at 2:40 PM, Jun 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-10 16:51:16-04

GREAT FALLS — On Thursday morning at the Meals On Wheels kitchen in Great Falls, tray after tray of beef stew and broccoli were made, sealed, and loaded into coolers for delivery.

"We actually have some of our employees that are going on vacation, so we need to fill those positions while they're gone,” explained Teresa Loftus, the senior nutrition program manager.

Loftus said she'd like to have around 10 volunteers a week.

Without volunteers? "That is something I don't even like my mind to wander to,” said Loftus. "That means that the people that are here, everybody's out on the road and everybody stays a little bit longer to get it done. We have a window between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. to get all of our meals delivered.”

Teresa Loftus makes a delivery

Harley Yeager has been helping deliver meals for 11 years; he said, "Never have I dealt so directly with the public as I have with this job.”

Yeager has worked as a school bus driver and a public information officer for Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks. He said working with Meals On Wheels also provides opportunities to fulfill more than just someone's need for a meal.

"Sometimes, I've found some of our people out in the garden laying down and unable to get up. Or, unfortunately, a couple of times I've found them deceased. So you can run into a lot of different things, but the point is you're helping people. There can't be anything more satisfying than helping people,” Yeager said.

The following volunteer opportunities are available in Great Falls:

Week of June 14-18:
1 person needed on June 18th

Week of June 21-25:
3 people needed on June 21st
5 people needed on June 22nd
1 people needed June 23rd
3 people needed June 24th
1 people needed on June 25th.

Week of June 28-July 2:
2 people needed on June 28th
3 people needed on June 29th
3 people needed on July 1st
3 or 4 people needed on July 2nd

Week of July 5-9:
2 people needed July 6th
2 people needed July 8th

Week of July 12-16:
2 people needed July 13th
1 people needed July 15th
3 or 4 people needed July 16th

Week of July 19-23:
6 people needed July 20th
1 people needed July 22nd

Week of July 26-30:
2 or 3 people needed July 26th
5 people needed July 27th
3 people needed July 29th

If you would like to help, contact Teresa at or call 406-454-6993 to sign up for one of the listed days, or click here for more information.

Click here to learn more about Meals On Wheels.