One Class At A Time: Meghan Gayle follow-up

Posted at 2:26 PM, Jan 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-08 12:22:45-05

And last month, KRTV returned to Hobson Public School where 5th graders were preparing to learn about the world around them through the use of technology.

The class will start a project soon where they’ll learn all about compasses, GPS devices and geocaching.

They’ll use the project to explore the areas around town using math, science and technology.

Teacher Meghan Gayle says this project is the first of it’s kind at the school and she’s excited to teach students practical skills they can take with them anywhere.

Y’know if they go out hunting or hikers then they’ll know how to use these and also the geocache part where they just get to y’know get out have a treasure hunt with friends and do something outdoors.”

Students say they’re excited to start learning about orienteering outside of the classroom.

“I’m excited just to learn how to use a compass because I‘ve never really used one before,” said 5th grade student Elynna Minken.

Gayle says the two Garmin GPS units purchased with the help of One Class At A Time will help teach students year after year; she hopes to make the orienteering unit an annual project.

We have more information about our One Class At A Time program here.