One Class At A Time follow-up: Erica Davis

Posted at 2:51 PM, Feb 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-04 16:51:25-05

Earlier this month, French students at C.M. Russell High School were able to explore the world using facts they learned in class.

French teacher Erica Davis purchased escape room materials for her students with the help of One Class At A Time.

She was able to make six escape boxes that tested students’ knowledge in French geography and vocabulary.

In order to advance to the next box, students searched French places on Google Earth and would explore those sites with virtual reality headsets to find answers.

Davis said it was a new activity to the class while students said they enjoyed the active learning approach.

“I think it was great, they were just like rolling with it, I would just go around and monitor and they did awesome,” said Davis.

“More of engaged learning, so it was not out of a textbook just more engaging and a better environment more of a fun activity,” said 11th grade French student Madeleine Mayer.

Davis said other classes in the World Language Department will be able to use the boxes.

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