One Class At A Time follow-up: Rachel Christensen

Posted at 5:06 PM, Mar 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-18 20:24:19-04

Students at Choteau Elementary School are learning math through games.

Fourth grade teacher Rachel Christensen purchased a cribbage board and deck of cards for each student with the help of One Class At A Time.

“One thing I noticed with my 4th grade students was some of them were struggling with their addition facts and adding and reasoning and so I had this idea that teaching them cribbage would help with their math facts,” she said.

She said now students can keep learning through the game even after they leave the classroom.

“It helps with our math because it can help us with adding and multiplying,” said 4th grader Ava Gunderson.

The class originally started playing the game with community volunteers, and have continued learning on their own.

“I really enjoy playing it, it’s kind of hard for some people, but when you really get to know it it’s really fun,” said Gunderson.

Christensen said the cribbage boards also help students develop social and interpersonal skills.

“It’s a fun way to learn it ’cause like it’s not boring, it has a game into it so it makes it fun,” said 4th grade Student Abram Martin.

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