Great Falls cat earns high praise

Asinabine Revlis
Posted at 3:57 PM, Jun 25, 2024

We get quite a few news tips here at KRTV - sometimes serious, others less so - but still possibly worth a mention.

We recently received an email from Senona Partida of Great Falls.

Senona said: “I wanted to ask if you guys could put in the news that my cat Asinabine Revlis was in the Kingpet competition and she won 88th place in the world and she won second place for Montana.”

Senona even sent in a photo of the certificate:

Asinabine Revlis

Kingpet is a website that allows people to upload photos of their pets, which are then voted on by other people. The site offers recognition and occasional prizes for photos that garner enough votes.

Some people question the legitimacy of such sites, as they allow people to spend money to buy votes, but in this case, we are simply sharing the results of one happy participant.

While many would think that this is not particularly news-worthy, we appreciate Senona’s love of and pride in her cat.