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Reality star of 'Bar Rescue' talks about success in entertainment, food and beverage industry

The host of the show is a familiar face in homes across the U.S.. having spent many seasons helping businesses get back on their feet.
Host Jon Taffer of Paramount's "Bar Rescue" reality show talked to Scripps News
Posted at 7:52 PM, Jun 28, 2024

For years he has come into homes around the United States on the Paramount hit show "Bar Rescue." He said he never knew the show would be so successful and said he thought it would end with the pilot.

Jon Taffer, host of the show, said "After 13 years I sort of feel like I've been hugged by America," as he joined Scripps News from St. Louis, Missouri.

In a saturated television landscape, it's certainly a testament to how well the show has been liked by viewers.

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The show features episode after episode of Taffer and his strong decisive personality entering bars and nightclubs and restaurants and pushing owners and employees to fix issues they have.

Taffer said, "'Bar Rescue' is about failing businesses, but behind every failing business is a failing family and their dream. Their childrens' college education fund and their houses are on the line. This is serious business. And when I show up to rescue a bar, you know, I do my homework and I know that they've lost a house or they've lost a car or they're a month away from losing their house. They have enough money to make it a month or two in the bar."

Taffer says he's very aggressive in the four days that he has to try and rescue a business for the television show.

"At the end of the day it's not about bars, at the end of the day it's about somebody struggling," he said.

Taffer says owning a bar also isn't for everyone. If you're into drinking, he says, you should pick another line of work.