Viral 'Four Seasons Orlando baby' finally gets her dream vacation

The child was seen in a viral TikTok video being very excited to go to the hotel, and an update shows her living the dream on the excursion.
Four Seasons Orlando
Posted at 7:13 PM, May 27, 2024

The viral baby who appeared incredibly eager to go to the Four Seasons Orlando finally got her wish.

In the original TikTok video, posted May 16 and now with nearly 60 million views, the baby's mom asked who wanted to go to the lavish hotel, and the little one in her father's arms was the first to exclaim, "Meeee!" with a raised hand and pointed finger. Her toddler sister beside her reacted similarly, yet the internet only became enthralled by Kate, who is now called "the fully conscious baby."

Just over a week later, Kate officially acquired her dream vacation, as shown in additional videos posted by the baby's aunt — who also posted the first one — and from Four Seasons. And if the TikToks are any evidence, it seems the hotel pulled out all the stops for its new spokesperson.

The luxury hotel's video features the baby in a princess outfit complete with a tiara, a suit and bowtie, and — of course — swimsuits for the summer trip. She's also seen being fanned poolside and chowing down on truffle spaghetti using her hands. The clip ends with a Four Seasons card that says, "Where to next?" potentially hinting at additional trips for the chill child.

Other videos posted by Kate's aunt show the baby enjoying a large room service breakfast spread and lounging in a pool robe during a photoshoot. And who could forget the cucumber slices on her eyes?

The family recently told PEOPLE that their 1-year-old baby's fame was far from expected. Kate's mom Bailey said she only recorded the moment in an effort to convince the baby's grandparents to come on vacation with them.

"My husband's shirt is unbuttoned. Kate was in her diaper. This was before bath time. There was really no recording this multiple times," the baby's mom, Bailey, told the publication.

Kate's aunt, Stefanie, told PEOPLE she posted the clip to her "50 followers" without telling the baby's parents.

"I think at first when we were looking at the reactions we were genuinely laughing so hard at every single one of the comments, the stitches... and now it's just turned into this phenomenon of every big brand is capitalizing on it," Stefanie told the website, listing off Netflix and sports leagues who have joined the viral trend on TikTok.