3 ways to rock hair gems, the Y2K style that’s come roaring back

3 Ways To Rock Hair Gems, The Y2K Style That’s Come Roaring Back
Posted at 4:30 AM, Aug 05, 2022
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Hair gems just might be the hottest hair trend of summer 2022. If you lived through Y2K, you might have deja vu because this trend that was first made popular in the early 2000s has now gotten a revival. It comes thanks in large part to apps like TikTok and Instagram … which definitely didn’t exist back when us ancients were ironing hair bling into our strands for prom.

And, unlike many of the hair gems used in that bygone age of dial-up internet, today’s accoutrements don’t require heat styling. From stick-ons to clip-ons, you can give your hair a sparkly boost faster than you can sing a bar of “Oops!…I Did It Again.”

From Amazon to Etsy to Sally Beauty, many beauty suppliers are getting into this revival of sparkly hair bling. But you can also use regular rhinestones or faux crystals from any craft store. Here are some of our favorite ways you can get into the hair gems trend:

Bedazzle It!

If you want full 2000s-nostalgia vibes, you gotta reach for none other than the Bedazzler! Although this iconic gadget was invented in the 1970s, we must give credit to millennial icons like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera for breathing new life into bedazzled fashions in the late ’90s and early ’00s.


Today’s version of the Bedazzler can be found on Amazon under lots of different brand names. We like this option called the Blinger. This handy tool is less than $10 right now (it was 69% off as of this writing) and it has nearly a perfect five-star overall grade from roughly 5,000 users. It’s listed as an Amazon best-selling item, and it’s no wonder, because you can use this tool to bedazzle your clothes or hair with 225 different colored gems.

When you squeeze the Blinger on your hair, it will gently place the gem onto your locks with a mild, hair-safe adhesive. When you want to remove the gems, simply comb them out. And it works on more than just hair: You can also use it to bedazzle everything from school supplies to shoes.

Festival Fashion From Sally

Sally Beauty Supplyhas a wide range of self-adhesive hair gems that require no tools but your own hands. From geometric shapes to faux pearls to multicolored crystal gems, these hair accessories are just $4.39 a pack, so you can get several sheets and customize your look however you desire.

Sally Beauty Supply

Elegant Snap-Ons From Etsy

If you are iffy about adhesive working on your hair, try snap-on hair gems. These gems are so pretty and stylish that they would even work for a formal event, and many brides are proving it by using hair gemsin their updos this season.

We like this snap-on option from Etsy seller Artistic Edition. Priced at $25, you get 10 Aurora Borealis Crystal Hair Snaps with a delicate gold rim to make your formal do really stand out. They also work great for everyday looks, whether you want to add a little bling to your bun — Janelle Monae style — or decorate your braids.

Etsy, ArtisticEdition

What Y2K hair trend do you wish would come back next?

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