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There’s a $30 off coupon for this popular air purifier right now

There’s a $30 off coupon for this popular air purifier right now
Posted at 11:15 AM, Sep 01, 2022

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Household air pollution is no trivial matter. In 2020, an estimated 3.2 million people died from polluted indoor air. In addition, pollutants in the home can lead to diseases like stroke, ischaemic heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and lung cancer.

Since Americans spend approximately 90% of their daily lives indoors, where the concentrations of some pollutants are often two to five times higher, it is wise to take action. The Levoit air purifier is a tool that could help.

The Core 600S is Levoit’s most powerful air purifier. It uses enhanced technology to scan and remove contaminants from the air. It has a clean air delivery rate of 410 cubic feet per minute, allowing it to refresh the air in a space as ample as 1,588 square feet twice per hour.


This Levoit air purifier provides three-stage filtration. First, it has a fine prefilter to capture dust, hair and other significant particles. Next, it features an H13 True HEPA Filter with HEPASmart Technology, which captures at least 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 microns in size. Finally, its custom high-efficiency activated carbon filter with ARC formula helps kill mold, bacteria and viruses in the air.

When you turn on Auto Mode, the Levoit air purifier automatically adjusts the fan speed setting. The display will update to show the current setting. And ECO Auto Mode will turn the fan off automatically to conserve energy when the air quality registers as “Very Good.”


If you appreciate smart technology, you will be happy to learn that you can control the Core 600S or observe the air quality in your home through an app. You can also connect this Levoit air purifier to your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device and use voice commands to operate and monitor the cleaner.

The Levoit air purifier has an average rating of 4.8 stars with more than 8,000 ratings. Customers who gave it five stars highly recommend it, thanks to its smart features and ease of use.

” It definitely recognized impure air,” wrote a reviewer named Bee. “The smart features are cool. You can use the app to control the air purifier. I took several pictures after blowing out a candle nearby, I put the candle close to the air purifier only for the picture to show what caused the change in air quality (the candle was previously on the table about 10 feet away). The air quality in my apartment was bad before in the 050 range. After using this air purifier for a month my air quality is at 001.”

Amazon | Bee

Others say it operates quickly and efficiently.

” I love that this bad boy cleans such a large area of air and how fast it purifies the air,” wrote a reviewer named Amber who shared a photo of her Levoit air purifier in action. “My husband was bbqing on the outside patio. Our back door was open and I walked by air purifier saw it was red and number was up there. I closed back door and air purifier was on auto mode in which it turned it own fan up and cleaned the air in no time. I want to buy a third purifier for down stairs now. If you want clean air buy a Leviot purifier with the smart features.”

Amazon | Amber

The Levoit Core 600S is $299.99 on Amazon. However, you can currently apply a $30 coupon on the product page, making it just $269.99.

Would an air purifier in your home give you more peace of mind?

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