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Workers Wanted: Great Falls Pre-Release Services, Inc.

Workers Wanted: Great Falls Pre-Release Services, Inc.
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Posted at 4:24 PM, Oct 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-13 18:24:36-04

Workers Wanted: Great Falls Pre-Release Services, Inc. is hiring:
Type of Jobs: The Great Falls Pre-Release Center is a non-profit Community Corrections worksite consisting of three Counseling campuses. The campuses are minimum security and residential in nature, housing closely screened and selected for program acceptance, adult male and female felon offenders during their structured transition program for re-entry into the community. The Centers also operate a Jail Alternative program for adult male/female clients and a Community Service program involving adjudicated males and females. Compliance Officer (CO) is responsible for the safe, efficient and effective operation of the Pre-Release Center to include para-professional social services duties in support of Correctional Treatment Specialists and their assigned residents. The CO will be required to work as necessary at any one of the three facilities. Key Responsibilities and Duties: 1. Perform accountability of residents/clients‚ whereabouts through head counts, walk throughs, pass checks and employment checks. This shall include clients on electronic monitoring where necessary. 2. Maintain security and safety in the Center within the scope of assigned functions including the performance of random room and area inspections to insure against the existence of contraband on the Center premises. 3. Thoroughly in-process/out-process Residents. Conduct periodic urinalysis and breath-testing of residents and clients. Take fingerprints and photos of new residents and clients entering the Center. 4. Handle emergency situations as required including walkaways, suicide or other life or safety concerns. Issue warnings and prepare disciplinary reports of incidents that may occur during the shift. 5. Prepare and update duty rosters assigning household duties to residents on a weekly basis and assign additional duties as required. Supervise and perform follow-up on completeness of required resident duties on a daily basis. Make computer or Log entries to properly document daily activities including all resident and client sign in/out procedures. 6. Report behavior changes or incidents to senior staff. Provide crisis intervention, as required, to maintain orderly operation of the Center. Maintain control and monitor the proper dosage of both prescription and non-prescription drugs and medication. 7. Advise Correctional Treatment Specialist staff of important client related issues such as changes in medications, mood swings or obvious attitude disorders which may affect their ability to properly complete their program while assigned to the Center. 8. Oversee daily activities of residents and clients of the Center. Assist in treatment of residents by monitoring and supporting established treatment program. Assist in orientation and training of new employees, residents, interns and volunteers. 9. Responsible for receiving and accounting for monies turned into the Center by residents or clients of the Center. Provide transportation as required. Make authorized purchases on behalf of the Center. Provide inputs to the CO Shift Leader which may lead to changes in policy or procedures. 10. Complete other duties as may be requested or assigned. Qualifications and Skills: High School graduate or equivalent. Must meet all basic criteria of a Compliance Officer. Must possess basic understanding in techniques of interpersonal relations with ability to establish, understand and be sensitive to resident needs. Skills and experience working with the incarcerated and in re-entry work. Able to lead others in the performance of assigned duties. Ability to learn, understand and enforce security procedures, rules and policies, follow instructions and problem solve. Effective verbal and written communication. Good organizational and time management skills.
Pay Scale: Starts at $13.73 Per Hour After 6 months $14.67 - Great Benefits! All positions are full time (40 hours per week). Benefits Blue Cross/Blue Shield Health Plans: Delta Dental and VSP Vision Plans; Paid Annual Leave (Vacation)
Where to Apply: Please Complete an On-Line Application at: Web Site: WWW.GFPRC.ORG