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Workers Wanted: Halftime Sports Bar

Robyn Roberts
Halftime Sports Bar in Great Falls
Halftime Sports Bar in Great Falls
Posted at 8:26 AM, Mar 30, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-30 10:34:50-04

GREAT FALLS — This is the eighth feature in our "Workers Wanted" series, highlighting businesses in and around Great Falls that are hiring. This week, we are featuring the Halftime Sports Bar.

The Halftime Sports Bar in Great Falls is a favorite for many. General manager Robyn Roberts says the restaurant is like a family for customers and employees.

Roberts said, “We have a lot of the same employees that have worked for us for many years, but we’re always looking for that next best server or next best cook to join our family. Our customers love to get to know the names of our new faces as well.”

With a need for front house staff such as servers and food runners as well as the staff behind the scenes, there is bound to be a perfect fit for an energetic and outgoing person.

“We have an excellent staff. They produce more food than anywhere I’ve ever worked, and I’ve ever seen,” said Roberts.

Ideal candidates will have a positive attitude and are responsible; reliability is key. “We just want people who are willing to learn, willing to be a part of a team, which means doing their part as part of the staff.”

With a positive environment and additional benefits, the Halftime Sports Bar could be a perfect fit for anyone.

Robyn noted, “We also offer 401Ks shortly here, soon. And paid vacation and personal days and we have a very flexible schedule. We love to put people on the same schedule all the time.”

If you are interested in applying, you can pick up an application in person at 1101 Northwest Bypass, or click here to visit the website.


Halftime Sports Bar in Great Falls
Halftime Sports Bar in Great Falls