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Montana studio touts the benefits of 'naked yoga'

What is "Naked Yoga?"
Posted at 5:55 PM, Feb 04, 2024

BILLINGS — In the video above, reporter Dianne Parker talks with people at Limber Tree Yoga & Wellness (website), where participants have the option to bare it all in a clothing-optional class.

“Ultimately we’re a yoga studio that’s focused on wellness not only fitness,” said Clementine Lindley, owner of Limber Tree Yoga & Wellness.

It's designed to boost body confidence, build community, and release trauma from the body.

“It's an opportunity for people to really be part of something empowering and new in our Billings community. The class keeps growing” said Lindley.

“Yoga is, at its core, about liberation and I'm trying to get people into a space of acknowledging what they might be holding in their bodies and that’s everything from trauma to joy,” said Erin Anderson, Limber Tree Yoga teacher.

The students say big poses help find big release from anything the body is holding, from bullying to domestic violence, sexual assault, and body image.

"I first got into it a few years ago when I was living up in Kalispell. I try to be pretty active because I have Tourettes syndrome and it helps calm and soothe my Tourettes when I am active and have some form of outlet,” said Orrin, Limber Tree Yoga & Wellness student.

“I've always been really curious about doing a clothing-optional class as society today makes us really self-conscious and I am pretty self-conscious in general because I'm a little fluffier than I want to be, just like most people,” said Orrin.

With body shaming, sexualization, and all judgment stripped away, Orrin says the class is boosting his confidence in a safe space.

"We've had some folks that started out in sports bras and shorts and then they slowly moved to like a topless space and then just completely all out and in the open and completely nude too,” said Anderson.

There are rules and expectations for bare roots yoga: You must be part of the community, not a one-time spectator. You’re required to attend at least two other classes prior to bare roots registration. Lights are set on low and curtains are drawn. Disrobe only at the mat and no cameras or phones. No inappropriate talking or gestures, and whatever happens in the room stays in the room.

“If you don’t feel like this is the class that is for you, then that’s okay, but at the same time, and in the same breath, don’t sexualize or shame anybody that’s coming to the class, the studio for hosting the class or the teachers that choose to teach the class because that essentially loops everything back into that cycle of abuse that we are trying to avoid,” said Anderson.

“In Billings, nothing like this exists, so it is very unique and I'm grateful to be in the genesis of it,” said Orrin.