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Belt Volunteer Ambulance earns 'platinum' designation

Posted at 5:45 PM, Apr 10, 2024

Belt Volunteer Ambulance recently received platinum recognition for their service.

“Belt Ambulance was recognized by the state as being a level 4 platinum EMS service for children,” explained Gene Cantley, service manager. “There are several things you have to have for that. One of them is you have to have a pediatric care coordinator. You [also] have to have a certified child vehicle safety technician, basically, somebody who can install child safety seats and certify that they are installed correctly.”

Additionally, they were recognized for their level of training as well as being fully stocked with pediatric care equipment.

“There was a need for having something out here because if you didn't have some sort of a service out here, you had to wait for an ambulance to come from Great Falls, and a lot of times, there just isn’t time to wait,” Cantley said.

Being a more rural area, they provide additional services to better serve the community.

“Our first ambulance was an old Cadillac hearse and we've gone from that, to having the two ambulances we have right now that are fully equipped with ALS endorsements for advanced life support service on all of our calls,” said Cantley.

Cantley said this was a team effort and that a lot of people came together to serve the community in order to be recognized for their efforts.

“I want to than our pediatric care coordinator, Lisa Watson, and our child safety technician, Tyrell Furan, for the work they've done on obtaining this award for us,” Cantley said. “I would also like to thank the rest of our crew for the effort that they put forth for attending training and helping us obtain this recognition.”

Belt Volunteer Ambulance is always looking for more volunteers. For those interested, you can contact Gene Cantley at (406) 788-0752.