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Moose spotted near Black Eagle Dam

Moose in Black Eagle
Posted at 1:15 PM, Apr 19, 2024

GREAT FALLS — A moose was spotted in the water near Black Eagle Dam on Friday, April 19, 2024.

Jay Angel shared the video with KRTV and said: "Such an awesome sight to see!"

Earlier on Friday, a shelter-in-place was briefly implemented at Capital High School in Helena when a wandering moose strayed nearby. The moose was eventually hazed out of the area with no injuries.

Moose can be found across many parts of Montana, although they are more likely to be seen in the more mountainous regions of western Montana.

Moose occasionally wander into populated areas, and their large size and unique appearance often cause curious people to gather.

However, moose can be unpredictable and aggressive, so wildlife experts advise keeping your distance.

Great Falls Park & Recreation notes: "Please be aware of your surroundings at all times and if you see the moose do not engage."

The Montana Field Guide says: "Coat dark brown to black; large overhanging snout; pendant 'bell' under throat; antlers massive and flat; tail short; bulls (largest antlered animals in the world) weigh 800 to 1,200 lbs. cows 600 to 800 lbs. Usually solitary but may congregate during rut or on excellent winter range; at home in water, may submerge for 3 to 4 minutes, or swim for miles; cows very protective of calves."

From October 2023:

Moose sightings in Great Falls and Black Eagle