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Cut Bank is hiring lifeguards for the community pool

Posted at 5:00 PM, Mar 18, 2024

The City of Cut Bank is currently looking to hire lifeguards to have the community pool fully staffed and ready to go for this summer.

Park & Recreation director Brandi Heagy said they have received some applications, but hope to get even more.

“Every spring, we try to get lifeguards recruited for our pool that opens in the beginning of June. Last year was kind of hard, and I know that all of Montana kind of struggled with getting lifeguards to staff their pools, and we were able to get a little over half a dozen,” Heagy said.

So far, the Park and Recreation department has received six applications for lifeguards, but in order to be considered operational they are wanting to hire at least 15 to start the summer off fully staffed.

“I’m hoping [to] get probably six more applications, if not 12 more, that way we can work with people schedules,” Heagy said. “I know that high school kids and young adults have a lot of extracurricular activities and sports they want to do, and so being able to provide options to where we can staff our pool adequately, but also provide them with freedom to do the things that they'd like to do in the summer as well.”

Cut Bank, being a small rural town, has a lot of low-income families in the area. Last year, the Park & Recreation department launched a ‘Free Swim Program’ to allow everyone in the community to have the opportunity to swim, regardless of their financial situation.

“We have local businesses or individuals or committees sponsor swim days, a free swim day for the community, and the way it [works], last year, it was $250 for the whole day, and kids and adults, everybody get in for free and they swim free all day,” Heagy explained.

It’s important to have a full staff of summer lifeguards to ensure the community pool can be operational all summer and allow for the ‘Free Swim Program’ to continue. Lifeguard applications can be submitted at Cut Bank City Hall.

Heagy also said, “The community as a whole wants to help each other, and we want to provide a community that everyone feels safe and that everyone is included in, and the way we do that is by helping one another out when a need arises.”

To donate funds and support the ‘Free Swim Program’ this summer, it will open at the beginning of May, and those interested can contact the city of Cut Bank Park and Recreation department.