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Fergus High School FFA club earns top honor at Junior Agricultural Mechanic Show

Posted at 11:30 AM, Apr 16, 2024

In the video above, Paul Sanchez reports on the Fergus High School FFA club, which earned top honor from the Junior Agricultural Mechanic Show.

Here is the transcript from Paul Sanchez:

The FFA from Fergus High School has brought home more than the overall title from the Junior Agricultural Mechanic Show.

Jared Long Ag Instructor and FFA Advisor says a couple of years ago, a friend of mine, Dr. Dustin Perry, MSU Ag. Ed. Professor and Austin Stanley, AG teacher at Big Timber. We we dreamed up a show for students to showcase their projects that they've built throughout the year, and we titled it The Jam Show, which stands for the Junior AG Mechanic Show, and it's currently hosted during the Montana State Convention every spring.

Talmage Brooks a Junior at Fergus High School says, I’ve definitely learned a lot. Just competing in like mechanics competitions and practices for those competitions. I've learned a lot. I don't think I'd be able to build this gazebo, without taking these classes and learning from them, gaining skill sets.

These students have put in hundreds of hours working to get their projects, just right!

Carter Ricks a Senior at Fergus High School adds, I figured it would do pretty good because, like, the boys that we're working with, we're all pretty good. At what we do, I think, at least, we showed up and just did our best and surprisingly enough, we won. That's cool.

One of the other FFA Members Senior Koleton Cripps told us, It turned out pretty good. I mean, we won, pretty pumped about that. We won our Trailer Division and then Overall Champion over the entire mechanic show, which was pretty neat.

Jared continues to share, It's really the best thing ever. Career and Technical education is important for students. It's important for kids and so valuable as we move through to the future. And that's why I love what I do. I have the best job ever teaching kids about AG; working with their hands, learning how to be just awesome members of society.

FFA brings the best out of these students. They truly are an inspiration to their fellow students and FFA members all over Montana.

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