Former Great Falls detective’s book will be featured in documentary

Posted at 11:12 PM, Apr 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-03 01:12:09-04

A former Great Falls Police Detective is about to tell his story to the world and what he has to say may seem unbelievable.

John Cameron teamed up with the Paramount Network for a six-part documentary series, which questions some of the most notorious murders in history.

A 24-year veteran of the Great Falls Police Department, Cameron wrote a book detailing the crimes of serial killer Ed Edwards, a man Cameron said is behind some of the most high-profile murders of the 20th century.

“The fact is he’s the Zodiac Killer,” said Cameron. “And he survived for 66 years killing and framing people and that’s what the Zodiac said in his letters he was doing all along.”

When Cameron suggested Edwards framed Stephen Avery for killing Teresa Halbach, the basis for the Netflix hit series “Making a Murderer," Wayne Wolfe, the grandson of Edwards and Paramount Network, formerly Spike TV, took notice.

“And we traveled the country to practically every part of the country interviewing cops and witnesses and victims and his siblings and we put together this documentary based on my book,” said Cameron.

While he admits the call from Paramount was a writer’s dream, Cameron prepared himself for the skepticism that would follow.

“Many of the cases have been solved supposedly. Somebody’s in jail,” said Cameron. “The facts are though the killer actually designed the murders like that so that it would frame somebody. And the negativity from the prosecutors and the police officers and even the press too, is they’ve already gone and destroyed a person’s life.”

Cameron said Edwards was responsible for more than 500 murders, including a 1956 slaying of a couple in Great Falls. The upcoming documentary highlights the most publicized killings.

“The most controversial one in the whole show is Scott Peterson and the Laci Peterson murder in 2002 in Modesto (California),” said Cameron. “That’s the one people just have hatred for Scott Peterson and that’s probably going to cause the most controversy. But I think in that one it’s where we have the most evidence that it was Edwards.”

Cameron said the 1956 Great Falls murder will be featured in the first episode, premiering April 16th on Paramount. He added that if the documentary is successful, there will be an additional 16 episodes. He’s also hopeful of selling his book rights for a screenplay.