Snow delays springtime activities

Posted at 10:26 PM, Apr 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-03 00:26:08-04

While it’s officially spring, Mother Nature apparently didn’t get the memo.

Montana is seeing yet another blast of snow and cold weather for the first week of April. The first snow fell in October and seven months later, people are still dealing with it.

People in Great Falls were out and about on Monday though, running errands, delivering mail, and of course, shoveling their driveways.

“I could do without the snow,” Glen Gilfeather, a Great Falls resident, said. “Although I do get my exercise doing this. I mean, Great Falls, we get the first blast of the thing but then it clears off pretty quick, but it’ll be nice later in the week I’m sure.”

He said he’s hopeful spring will get here eventually.

The snow is also prolonging some outdoor activities like golf.

Anaconda Hill Golf Course was supposed to open for their season today, but because of the unexpected snow, they had to postpone.

Deputy Director at Parks and Recreation Patty Rearden said they plan to officially open once the snow melts.

Other golf courses in Great Falls were also closed today.

Another outdoor activity affected by all the cold weather is spring planting.

But the owner at Electric City Conservatory said there’s actually a way around the weather if you’re itching to put your green thumb to use.

“Plant inside,” said Meghan Kelly. “I actually, personally, started my stuff a couple weeks ago, but plant everything inside and just keep in in the sun and make sure water it really good and just hope for the warmer weather because as soon as that ground’s ready to move, you can do it.”

She added if the weather gets to be too much and you start feeling down, come in and walk around their greenhouse.